Window Plant Shelf And How To Hang It

over the window shelf
exterior window plant shelfhanging window plant shelfkitchen window plant shelfover the window shelf

With window plant shelf, growing the indoor plants is now easy and you only need to give your plants water and light but not too much water.  You will also have to make sure […]

White Floating Shelves And Why You Should Start Using Them

white wood floating shelves
white floating shelves nurserywhite high gloss floating shelveswhite wood floating shelvesliving room wall shelves

Sometime you may try to find install shelves but you may find out that some brackets stands in the way, if you do not see how to fix them, then you should consider the […]

Wall Mounted Bookshelves And How To Fix Them

unique wall mounted bookshelves
wall mounted bookshelves ideaswall mounted bookshelves whitemodern wall mounted bookshelveswall mounted bookshelves nursery

If you want to have the wall mounted bookshelves, you have to be aware of how you can install them. When you have a dry wall, you have to locate studs when you slide […]

Wall Display Shelves And How To Use Them To Achieve Any Décor You Want

display wall shelves for collectables
display wall shelves for collectablesdisplay shelves for legosdisplay shelves for collectiblesplastic wall display shelves

When you see the wall display shelves, you do not have to be deceived by how humble they may look.  The shelves in the past were only functional and they looked sterile but the […]

Small Wall Shelf And The Advantages Of Using Them

black corner wall shelf
corner wall shelf whitedecorative metal wall shelffloating corner wall shelfblack corner wall shelf

The use of the small wall shelf is the new approach that is recommended by many people. They are mounted on the wall which means that they are not able to use too much […]

Small Corner Shelf Helps To Save Space

acrylic corner shelf
white corner bookshelfblack corner shelvescorner hanging shelf unitcorner media shelf

There are many things that you will have to take into account before you decide on the small corner shelf. It is important to take all the factors into consideration before you decide on […]

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