Bench Seat Cushions And How To Make One For Yourself

If you have benches and you want to make the bench seat cushions for them. The following is the idea of what you should do to make the cushion on your own without having to sew anything.  You need to have thin batting, plywood sheet, upholstery fabric and foam.  For the tools, you should have a rubber mallet or a hammer, scissors, measuring tape, knife, foam cutter and staple gun.

You should start by measuring the space and to cut the foam so that it can match the dimensions. You can ask the local fabric store to cut it.  You should cut the plywood but it should be a little smaller than foam that you are using to ensure that the edges are foamy. If you do not have the tools to cut it, you should ask the hardware store to cut it in the dimensions you like.

Put a fabric at a place with the right side facing down in the clean spot and then add the foam with the plywood at the top of it in this order. You do not have to worry too much when it comes to the measure the fabric. However, it has to be large enough so that it may cover the sides and the top of the plywood and the foam.

In case you have chosen the patterned fabric for your bench seat cushions, you should be careful in aligning it in the proper way. When you have put everything in the place, you may need to get someone to help you to pull the fabric while you staple.  You have to pull a fabric taught to be tight but it should not be too tight since the fabric may rip if it is stapled. In the corners, you should use a hammer to finish the corners.

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