Shabby Chic Curtain And Some Examples You Can Try Out

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If you want to get the shabby chic curtain for your window, you will have many options.  Normally the fabrics which are designed to be shabby chic are of vintage style. They look a little worn out, old French linens, soft cottons, ticking stripes, vintage floral patterns with frills and lace. There are many ways that you can use if you are looking to dress the window in the shabby designs.

Pretty lace panel: it is a gorgeous fabric and it can be used to cover the window while it allows natural light to enter inside in a beautiful way. It can then be draped on poles.  It is easy to create such look and you may create the same when you use the voile panel or voile.

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Flower tie-backs: they are able to make a pretty image for the floral print curtain. A window is dressed in shabby chic curtain and they are outside of the white ruffle panels which hung at the inside of a window and it showcases ruffles.  The tiebacks may be used with the peals, satin ribbon and lace.

Rag valance: is a smart covering and it is made by using the fabrics which is tied at the curtain rod. The patterns and colors can be used and there is no way that someone can say, that such curtains are rags. It can be recreated by using the leftovers fabric of strips that were gotten from original fabric that was used to make the coverings.

Voile curtains: such shabby chic curtain does not look too shabby. There are a lot of the voile panels which is being used around the window and it is draped with the curtain pole. An abundance of the fabric is the typical look of the shabby look since the panels had to be made in the light voile.  They can let the light to enter.

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20 Photos of the Shabby Chic Curtain And Some Examples You Can Try Out

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