Unique Door Knockers And Their Different Types Available At The Market

decorative front door knockers

The unique door knockers are fixtures which are made to be ornamental in their nature and they are put at the outer door and they are meant to be used while knocking at the door. They have one function and it is to let the people inside know that there is a person at the outside. Even if the doorbells had now taken up the task of telling the people that there is someone at the door, the door knockers had taken up the heart of many people because of their aesthetic appeal.  Since they have a history and they have been passed down from a generator to a new one, there are many styles that are found at the market and the buyers may benefit when they understand how to choose the right door knocker which going to complement his home and door.

At the market, the unique door knockers are found in many choices and the user may make his choice according to the metal he had preferred or the design that he had found appealing regardless if it is modern or antique.  The door knockers are commonly made in the bronze, steel, pewter, cast iron and brass.  All the metals used to make the knockers have the disadvantages and advantages.  It depends on the personal preference of a person and the metal he thinks it is the right one.

brass door knockers engraved

The knocker should be chosen according to the door where it is being used since it should not clash with the color on the door and this may change the look of the door. The door knockers are found in minimalistic design or they can be more elaborated and sophisticated. The door knockers are also classified in modern or antique style.  The antique knockers are these that have been designed and made in the last 100 years while the modern knockers are these that are being made right now.

21 Photos of the Unique Door Knockers And Their Different Types Available At The Market

bat door knockerbear door knockerstainless steel door knockerbeautiful door knockersvintage brass door knockeroil rubbed bronze door knockerirish claddagh door knockerbig balls door knockerdecorative front door knockersarts and crafts door knockerold fashioned door knockerantique lion door knockerbumble bee door knockerheart shaped door knockerbaldwin brass door knockernantucket basket door knocker

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