Window Plant Shelf And How To Hang It

With window plant shelf, growing the indoor plants is now easy and you only need to give your plants water and light but not too much water.  You will also have to make sure that the plants have enough humidity and that they are at a good distance in the winter.  The small pots have to be held tight so that they do not get blown away. Using the window plant shelf is the easier, elegant at the same inexpensive solution to get this requirement. With the shelves, now every person is capable of growing his own plants regardless of the season. The plant shelves can be used in the office, apartment or home.

To mount the window plant shelf, you should put the center of the brackets on a top of the molding of a window. You should use the headless nails which sometime are supplied with the unit and to attach the brackets at the top of the window molding. You should leave a half inch of the nail over the brackets for the optional hanging of the basket attachment.  This means that the hanging attachment may be used and it allows the brackets to be removed easily.  You should place a newspaper or envelope at the wall when you hammer on the wall so that there may not be the scuff marks.

The window plant shelf can be used to change the designs as the time passes or to suit the needs of the user.  The shelves can be put with double or three layers.  When it comes on hanging shelves, make sure that they are strong and the cables have to be stronger and they have to be fastened at one another. Every shelf should hold up to the three plants. You can hang up different plants with different sizes at one window. The shelves can be slide down or up as often as you wish.

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